City tour – Pärnu

  • Duration: 2 hours tour
  • Activity level: easy (bus and walking)
  • Total walking distance: approx. 1 km


Pärnu, the best known Estonian resort, is more than just a summer city. It is also a place for conferences, theatre performances and concerts. Besides being a resort, Pärnu is also a Hanseatic city, a harbour city and a university city.

Autumn in Pärnu

However, the sleepy rhythm of Pärnu changes completely when the flag of the Estonian summer capital starts flying high on the summer equinox – life on the beach, dozens of festivals, night clubs and the big party crowd that have moved here. People say that if you haven’t seen your friends for some time, you will see them all in summer in Pärnu.

The city regains its sleepy atmosphere in autumn. Many people prefer this quiet Pärnu and spent an autumn weekend relaxing in a spa with a conference or a trip to a cosy villa offering some peace and quiet.

When there is snow and ice, the yachts on the bay are replaced by ice-yachts and some skaters.

This tour takes you to the most important and interesting sights of Pärnu and gives a good overview of the town’s past and present.

You will see a white sandy beach, green parks, beautiful houses, the Pärnu river and Sauga river, the port and the oldest part of Pärnu, which was first mentioned in 1251.

Bus tour will be followed by a nice walk in Old Town. We carry on through Rüütli shopping street. The Red Tower is a former prison tower built in the 15th century on the southeast corner of the city wall.  The Mary-Magdalena Guild is filled with different craft and art shops. There you can buy local handmade souvenirs and see how they are made.

The Town Hall is located in a house built in 1797 by the merchant P.R. Harder. Nowadays, it is a Tourism Information Centre and an art gallery. St. Catherine’s  Russian Orthodox Church is one of the most stylish and richest baroque style churches in Estonia.