Healthy city Pärnu

  • Duration: 2.5 hours tour
  • Activity level: moderate (bus and walking)
  • Total walking distance: approx. 3.5 km


Pärnu takes care of the health of its citizens and guests! This guided walking tour differs from most usual walks because you will learn about Pärnu’s sights and attractions while going Nordic walking. Pärnu is a city for holidaying and caring for your health, its many parks and avenues lined with old stately trees are well suited to leisurely strolls and taking in the urban landscapes.

Pärnu Beach

Our walk begins at the port and first takes us to Vallikäär, part of the former 17th century fortifications. Sights we will see on our route include the old postal road which began at the Tallinn Gate from where we proceed towards the beach area.

Along the way we will pass the Ammende Villa, one of the best examples of early Art Nouveau style in Estonia, completed in 1905 it was home to the wealthy Ammende family of merchants. Nearby is Kuursaal, a restaurant and music salon, well established as a focal point of resort activities since the 1890s.

The adjacent Mud Baths Building was erected in the 1920s and soon became a symbol of Pärnu. The story of resort goes back to 1838 when the first bathing establishment providing baths with heated sea water and sauna facilities, was set up on the same site.

We now take a look at the beautiful sandy beach and then continue in the shaded Beach park which dates from the 1880s. The park is English style, rich in species of trees and shrubs and plays a major role in evoking the atmosphere for holiday making.


  • 00:00 port
  • 00:15 Vallikäär
  • 01:00 Pärnu beach area and the beach (WC available)
  • 01:45 medical spa hotel Tervis
  • 02:15 yachting marina (WC available)
  • 02:30 port

Sights included:

  • Vallikäär – part of the former 17th century fortifications
  • Tallinn Gate
  • Ammende Villa
  • Kuursaal
  • Mud Baths Building
  • Pärnu beach
  • Beach Park (Pärnu Rannapark)
  • medical spa hotel Tervis
  • yachting marina
  • Maximum number: 20 persons
  • Minimum number: 10 persons


  • Nordic walking poles are distributed to participants and returned at the port
  • Comfortable clothing is advised
  • There will be a short stopover at the beach for resting and purchase of something to drink

Price includes:

  • walking poles
  • guide services