Pärnu Ghost Tour

  • Duration: 1 hour (afternoon or evening)
  • Activity level: medium
  • Total walking distance: approx. 1 km with many stops along the way
  • NB! wear comfortable walking shoes





Pärnu Ghost Tour will lead you to the most interesting places and trails in Pärnu. Notorious stories and tales about the dark side of sunny Pärnu will introduce a different side of otherwise always sunny Pärnu. The side, that is not familiar even to locals, which makes the tour also very popular among Pärnu people.

Ghost Tour

For instance do you know where the merry Swedes from the 17th century still gather nowadays or where you can see a suspiciously hovering woman every night? Or do you know where is the scary hospital in the very centre of Pärnu where German doctors carried out the most grousome procedures? We do. And we can take you there to see and feel those places, while listening the very best of the best of Pärnu’s ghost stories.

“Not even just a tour, more a spectacle”, Karen Spencer, USA – visited last summer

“Barbara will take you to places, which you would never ever discover on your own”, Piret Laas, EST – visited in 2014

“Ohh… the stories. They are shared with passion, which makes you shiver and feel scared, but also strangely amused”, Pavel Mikevic, Poland – visited in 2013