Pärnu Hanseatic Days – back to the roots!

  • Duration: 4 hours tour
  • Activity level: moderaate (bus and walking)
  • Total walking distance: 3 km with many stops


Take a map, put a finger on your home country and then move it to the north-east of Europe, or more precisely where you find the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland.

Autumn in Pärnu

The name of Estonia might sound strange or unheard of to you, however, this country has been a favourite holiday destination for over 200 years. Today it attracts backpackers, families with young children and those looking for attractive landscapes or even a bit of luxury amidst natural surroundings.

Pärnu County has 11,000 years of history when first people settled where a big river flows into the sea.

„HANSA – a link between eras”

The town of Pärnu was established in the 13th century and joined the Hanseatic Union in the 14th century, trading within which increased both the town’s wealth and reputation in the Baltic Sea region.
Pärnu Hanseatic Days festival celebrates both the past and contemporary traditions and takes place over the weekend following Midsummer’s day every year.

The festival area includes a medieval market, arts and crafts fair, animal village, knight village and knights’ tournaments, children’s village and attractions, exhibitions. Crafters also present old and forgotten skills, show magical colours and secret patterns, while a food fair puts local tastes, herbs and old recipes on the table. The cultural programme stands for music on three stages over three days with performers from home and abroad (over 70 concerts in 2017).

The tour starts on the bus to look at the intriguing past and busy present life of Pärnu and ends at the gates of the festival area so you can dive straight into the medieval atmosphere right away.

If you wish, you can then walk back to the port (a short distance away) but bus transfers are also offered.
A range of workshops can be arranged particularly for cruise tourists.

Pärnu Hanseatic Days will take place:
29 June – 1 July 2018 and
28 June – 30 June 2019.