Tour to Kihnu island

TOUR TO ISLAND KIHNU – a small island with a strong spirit.

  • Duration: 8 hours tour
  • Activity level: active (boat, truck and walking)
  • Total walking distance: approx. 2 km with stops




Originating from seal hunters and fishermen, Kihnu traditional culture is listed by UNESCO and widely loved among visitors from all over the world looking to explore Kihnu’s colourful village life.

Kihnu Island

Kihnu will appeal to anyone interested in Estonian heritage, rural architecture, and looking to catch a whiff of the refreshing coastal breeze. If you’re looking to dig deeper, visit Kihnu during traditional holidays like Christmas, Midsummer’s day and St. Catherine’s Day.

The island of Kihnu is exotic but sweet like home, is living in the overseas separation in the Gulf of Riga but is still hospitable. It is an island where folk costumes are being worn daily and grandmother’ unique handicraft is still highly honoured.

You can hear folk songs and dance folk dances at family and national celebrations.

Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga (the seventh largest island in Estonia) with the territory of 16.38 square kilometers.

The length of the island is 7 km and width 3.3 km, the highest point is at 8.9 m above sea level. There are about 604 inhabitants on the island. The island has four villages. The closest point on mainland is Munalaid (10.6km), Pärnu is 41 km from the island. During the ice-free period there is a boat connection. In wintertime the only possibility to get to the island is by plane from Pärnu. The main attraction is the island itself – its scenery, people, manner of existence.

While visiting Kihnu one shouldn’t miss the museum where on can find exhibits on the history of the island and on the life of the famous local captain Kihnu Jõnn, as well as the collection of paintings by the renowned artist Jaan Oad. Next to the museum there is the local schoolhouse and a new culture centre.

Across the road from the museum one can find Kihnu Orthodox church and the cemetery. In addition, Kihnu has a scenic coastline dotted with a number of islets that are important bird habitats, a lighthouse in the southern part of the island and giant boulders.

The package includes transfer by fast boat to Kihnu Island, truck transport on the island, folklore concert, lunch and tickets to the muuseum.